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Fathers Day Fun Fly 2014

The highs and lows of the

DMAC (post) Fathers Day Fun Fly


Sunday 14th Sept 2014 dawned bright and sunny with little wind and temps in the high teens….perfect.   Thanks to the efforts of some members the previous weekend, the club and the strip were in great shape and as the cars started rolling in through the gates, it looked like being a fantastic day.

Pits 1

Above and below:  By mid morning the pits were a hive of activity

Pits 2

All up around 30 people attended.  These included several blokes from Parkes and our good friends Clive and Kim.   Rick was there with his venerable Marcchetti and Chris was there performing his well known aerial ballet with his helicopter.


I think it would be fair to say that the stand out was Lindsay with his 38% Bill Hempel Decathlon.  This thing is huge and to say that it looks and flies fantastic would be the understatement of the century.

Decathalon 1

Lindsay with his Decathlon

Decathalon 2

Decathalon 3


The Decathlon on a low, slow flyby

Other aircraft of interest were Steve’s Sebart Stev trainer(?), Brians flying esky SU27 twin EDF, Bears Beech Staggerwing and Darrens large scale DH Beaver.  We also saw a few firsts.   Brian actually maidened his SU27.  New member Shane accomplished his first landing which although on buddy chord, he had full control for the entire flight.   Steve, who is also our new Control Line expert, also maidened his latest CL creation and gave us all a terrific demonstration of precision CL aeros as well as also continuing to improve with his RC training.

Sebart Stev

Steves unusual designed Sebart Stev.   This thing flies fantastic.

Of course there were a few familiar aircraft such as Larry’s Ryan, Clive’s FW 190 and Bears long lived Spitfire.Spitfire

And there were plenty of examples of the classic trainer, the Boomerang.


Boomerang 60 flown by young Wiliam Wilkinson

boomerang 2

Newest and now youngest member of DMAC, Hayden with his Boomerang 40

But the day was marred somewhat by several lost aircraft.  Some crashes were only minor and of these most seemed to be caused by dead sticks and subsequent hard landings but three were more disasterous and resulted in virtual write offs.   Brian was first off when on his second flight of his SU27, it seemed to loose power just after take off and fell out of the sky like the flying brick that it is.


Brian and his SU 27 twin EDF just before its (successful) maiden flight

Next it was Petes turn with his much beloved Big Stik 120.   Coming out of a dive near the mysterious “Area51”, it suddenly lost elevator control and in Pete’s words “I was just a spectator”.

Petes Big Stick Crash

Petes beautiful Big Stik.  Fortunately, the OS 120AX survived

The last major crash was Darren and his lovely D.H. Beaver.  The engine just didn’t sound on song and shortly after take off the lack of power was beaten by gravity.

Beaver crash 1

Above.  Darrens beautiful scale Beaver after its crash.

Below.   Just some of the less fortunate aircraft

Crash 1

MX2 Crash


Grants aerobat minus landing gear after dead stick and taking out the only object for miles around….the far side wind sock.

Crash 2

This just about sums up the day for some of us.

But overall, it was a great day and very well enjoyed by all who attended.   Darrens family did the honours of cooking and then serving (?) the BBQ lunch which was very much appreciated by all.   There was plenty to eat and drink, good company, friendly atmosphere and that’s what its all about.

Pits 3

Some of the pit area.  Note Petes Yellow Big Stik in centre and Rick with his reliable old Marcchetti in the back ground.

pits 4

More pit shots.  Note Darrens large scale Beaver sitting on the table ready to have its wings put on