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A dull Saturday arvo

A dull Saturday arvo
This is the latest model from fledgling Aussie company Aeroflop Aviation (really my shed at home).  Take one old and broken EPO Piper Cub wing, mix well with various odds and sods from the spares cupboard, throw it all on the building bench, close your eyes, squirt a bit of CA around and this is what results.  The wing, as mentioned, was a broken relic from my early flying history.  The centre section was cut out, the ailerons glued in place and the ends cut and turned up forming a polyhedral wing.  The balsa was from my supply previously bought from Bunnings.  The motor was chosen using a very precise and scientific formula… was the only one in stock of about the right size which I had the cross mount for.  The ESC is from some other old kit and with no label on it, I have no idea what size it is.  Servos were originally from the wing ailerons.  Wheels also from my box of spares.  Four hours later, the result is heaps and heaps of fun.  Initially it was a bit tail heavy but a ton of lead later, it flies great at half throttle.  That comes in at around 8 amps (full throttle is just over 14 amps).   It just goes to prove, you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy our hobby which means you get the enjoyment of creation and flying, without the hassle from the minister of finance and war.
After initial flight testing, it was stripped down and handed to my Grand Daughter to paint with water based paint and a new brush.  Take off roll is about 6 – 10 feet, landing can be very short if theres wind or quite long if still as it floats very well.  I’ve had a ball flying it around my block showing off to my Grand Kids.
So make sure you keep those old wrecks and one day you just may get around to recycling them.
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